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[IP] Arrrrgh, again!!

Well, Lord Snafu has taken his toll once again:

Insurance has APPROVED pump and training, BUT they will only pay 50% of
a $150 lifetime maximum for the training. Oh, and by the way, the
training totals $3830. 

How's that for spiritual insurance coverage. They're being SOOOOO nice,

So now I have to figure out how to convince my doc to prescribe the pump
(which they will cover 80%), and let me go my merry way with it -- I
have some private resources (otherwise known as friends) who are CDE,
advanced practice nurses (in Ohio, but it would STILL be TONS cheaper to
buy a plane ticket to Ohio!) PLUS lots of willing problem-solvers in
abundance right HERE.

I ALSO found out that I'm not covered under Nevada's recently passed law
-- yes, it mandates coverage of diabetes supplies and education, but
only for commercial companies -- if you're in a "self-funded" plan,
you're SOL, buddy!

Which is another reason why we need a single-payer system -- our
patchwork of insurance plans and laws are HIGHLY unfair and unequitable,
even for those who are ostensibly covered!

Sorry to rant, but I'm EXTREMELY depressed today. 

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