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Re: [IP] Accuchek Complete

In a message dated 12/26/98 9:52:31 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< User Defined is just a general "catch all" category, about the same as
 calling it "Miscellaneous" (just easier to spell ;-)). You don't get to
 enter any text or additional info. I've never quite figured out how useful
 this is, because a User Defined event for me might differ from day to day.
When I have set up a meter in the office for one of the pumpers, I have put in
some special messages. For instance: 1. for one of the teenagers, I put in a
message that says, "Do you need to call Barb?" I can also put in a phone
number so that the teen always has it handy. Sometimes I put in something
funny to make them smile. Sometimes I put in an encouraging comment, like
"keep up the good work", or "having fun today?"  These statements can also be
any reminder statement my patient wants in there. We access this area from the
meter set-up screens. Take the meter with you to the endo appointment and they
can help you with the "user defined" info. No need to be frustrated with
something that is not an essential part of your BG record.   Happy holidays!!!
Barbara B.
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