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Re: [IP] Accuchek Complete

Denise Guerin asked:

>Could someone please  tell me how they use their Accuchek Complete?
>1.  Do you  enter the data in the Diary Menu or in the individual categories?

The Diary menu lets you enter a bunch of information from the separate
categories in one step. Rather than going back to the menu to enter
insulin, carbs, events, you can enter them all through the Diary menu. I
use the individual categories for "one time" events, or when I don't want
to enter a lot of detail.

>Which  gives a better picture to my endo?  I Fax  my  records to him through

This depends entirely on what information your endo is interested in. The
way I look at it, if my endo doesn't want all this detail, it's up to him
to filter it out, so I record as much detail as *I* need.

>2,  What does User Defined mean in the Events category?  Does User Defined
>mean I can put in the text  for that category? Also  I have not entered events
>because I don't know which ones to select.   The diary can record 4 pre
>selected events .  Are these the same events that would be entered  in
>individual categories?  

User Defined is just a general "catch all" category, about the same as
calling it "Miscellaneous" (just easier to spell ;-)). You don't get to
enter any text or additional info. I've never quite figured out how useful
this is, because a User Defined event for me might differ from day to day.

The Event categories in the Diary section are the same as the events
entered in the individual categories.

Bob Burnett

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