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[IP] Accuchek Complete

Could someone please  tell me how they use their Accuchek Complete?
1.  Do you  enter the data in the Diary Menu or in the individual categories?
Which  gives a better picture to my endo?  I Fax  my  records to him through
an Acculink modem which is a modem in the testing stage and downloads the
Accuchek directly to my endo's office.  I  haven't seen what he receives yet. 
2,  What does User Defined mean in the Events category?  Does User Defined
mean I can put in the text  for that category? Also  I have not entered events
because I don't know which ones to select.   The diary can record 4 pre
selected events .  Are these the same events that would be entered  in
individual categories?  

I am very frustrated because  I am getting chopped up info from my Diabetes
Team and need to clear this up before my appointment with my endo next week.
I have been on the Pump for 8 months now and hate not getting the info I need
when I need it.  My last HgA1C was 6.6  so my endo is pleased while I'm

Thanks for any help you send my way.

Denise Guerin IDDM type 1- 44 years
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/