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Re: [IP] Pizza

> I know this has been discussed several times, pizza and how to
> bolus.  Please go over one more time for me.  I would like to see my
> son able to eat pizza without going into the 300s.

Each kind of pizza is a little different.
Basically, the fat slows down digestion and the cheese (protein) gets 
converted to carbo several hours later. A looonnnnnggg square bolus 
or a simpler temporary basal rate for 3 - 4 hours will keep the bg's 
normal. big HOWEVER, each pizza must be profiled so you can 
repeatably keep the bgs stable. There is a formula to convert protein 
to carbo in Pumping Insulin, or you can experiment by spreading the 
high blood sugar bolus for the pizza over about 4 hours after the 
pizza was eaten (next time of course). Keep an eye on him for a low 
when you do this, it will take several trys to get it right, always 
eat the same kind of pizza while doing the experiment. That is from 
the same pizza place and the same flavor. Once you have it set for 
one kind, the others will be easier. One thing, the home baked stuff 
you buy at the supermarket has much less cheese and does not produce 
the same prolonged high bs.


Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/