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Re: [IP] Service

I placed my year end order with MiniMed (formerly Home Medical).  I
placed the order on 12/8.  I got a call back from MiniMed to confirm my
insurance information on 12/ 23 (which they already have and I have
filled out all the paper work twice for them).  She had the order wrong
and insisted that Smith Nephews only made IV Prep and not Skin Prep
(which was on my order).  I explained that Smith and Nephews makes BOTH
products.  She claimed she had never heard of Skin Prep.  I told her
twice that I had ordered Skin Prep from them when they were known as
Home Medical Supply.  Finally after 10 minutes of clacking at the
computer she said they had it.  Before I hung up, I asked her to confirm
my list of items one more time, she STILL had it wrong!!  AGAIN, I
corrected my list of items.  My supplies will arrive on 12/30. 
Hmmmmmm.....I ordered the stuff on 12/8.  I won't receive anything until
12/30.  I think 22 days is a little too long to process an order.  May
be switching to a new supply company after the first of the year.

Becky D.

Bonnie RICHARDSON wrote:
>  I told you I was going to give MM one more try and I called to order my year-end 90 day supply at 8:30 AM on 12/17, a good two weeks before year end.
> I gave my account number and before I could place the order was told they can't guarantee that the order will be on this year's insurance.   I asked for a supervisor and was put on the musical hold forever.    Finally hung up, noticed the card Mini Med sent me  for a Representative in Birmingham where my doc is.  I had never talked to him.  So I called him and told him about this problem and the others.  Told him how great Home Medical Supply and Eric Simon was and that we were all fed up with MM.  Said he was my last chance before I made a change to disotronic on my next pump and supplies.   He was very nice, of course.  I told him about this group and gave him the address.   He seemed sincerely concerned and said they knew there were problems and they were working on them.
> Well, after we hung up, it was not five minutes before a bright and perky Minimed person called and apologized for the problems.  Said my 2  year old insurance was great and they would have my order out immediately.  And, my gosh, it was delivered the next morning.
>  So, now I have their Rep in my corner and in your corner too. Look for him to show up - Dave Hammond.
> I will stick with MM until they do me wrong.
> Bonnie Richardson
> >>> Stickler Chris <email @ redacted> 12/21 3:23 PM >>>
> I can vouch for DP Management Systems in Orlando.  After I got disgusted
> with Mini-Med for all the previously-mentioned reasons, DP signed me up
> over the phone, got approval from my insurance the same day and
> delivered my order the next!  And they carry all the brands, not just
> Mini-Med.
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Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted
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