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Re: [IP] HI Everyone

email @ redacted wrote:
> HI!  My name is Lara and I was diagnosed on November 9 of this year.  I am 23
> years old.  I had the AWESOME experience of working at a camp for girls with
> diabetes this past summer and was diagnosed three months later.  Weird huh??

That IS a little "coincidental", isn't it?  I happen to believe in
divine help, so perhaps the Lord was just getting you a little advance
diabetes education, eh?!?!?!?

Let me also say THANK YOU for volunteering at the camp.  It is people
like you who make these camps a success.  As the former President of our
local ADA chapter, I can tell you that without our volunteers, we would
be nowhere.

> I am actively looking into getting a pump.  I just have a few questions:
> 1. I am only taking about 25 units of insulin a day is that enough to be on a
> pump?

That would be a question for your doctor and (unfortunately) your
insurance company.

> 2. Has anyone else started on a pump this soon after being diagnosed?

I believe there are some on this list who started very early on.

> 3. Which pump does everyone feel is better?

You've opened up a can or worms here!   :)

By and large, the MiniMed is the number one selling pump in America, as
evidenced by it's 85% marketshare on this list.  I have used bpth pumps
in my eight years.  I prefer the MiniMed...not so much becasue the pupm
is any better, but the rep for MiniMed lives only 20 miles from me,
whereas the Disetronic rep live 100 miles away.  I like the availability
of my rep.  Your experience in your area my be quite the opposite.

My advice is, get in touch with both reps, interview them (make them
take you to lunch) and determine which one will best fit your needs. 
Some insurers MAY limit you to one pump or the other, but if you have a
choice, do it this way...that way, you will be making an informed
choice.  GOOD LUCK!

By the way, where are you located?  I am in Saginaw, MI.

Mike Maturen
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/