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[IP] Hi Everyone

Hi Lara,
My 9 year old daughter went on a pump 7 months after diagnosis.  Our endo, who was very suppportive, said that it was definitely more of a challenge with someone still in honeymoon, because her pancreas still makes some insulin rather unpredictably, which makes setting basals and ratios a little hard.  Even though our transition hasn't been as smooth as some, I still wouldn't trade it for MDI again.  As far as the insulin amounts, there are lots of kids on the list who take less than 20 units a day (Jenna averages 15-18 depending on meals).  As far as which pump, check out the mail archives, there have been lots of discussion on the pro's and con's of each type, but it boils down to, as Michael said, they both work, and their small differences don't really matter much.  Go with whichever rep you like best, because they'll be the one you have to deal with for service, questions, etc.
Good Luck,
Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, dx'ed 2/98, pumping since 9/98