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Re: [IP] Disetronic Problems (occlusion without a clue)

The disk does not spin.  It is held tight so that when the shaft turns, it
will screw in and push on the plunger.

At 11:37 AM 12/22/98 EST, you wrote:
>sometime I get the occlusion alrm if I have the the spinning disk part on the
>plunger (or piston if you like) too close to the top. Even though the top
>spins too, if the disk (that travels up and down the screw part of the
>is too close to the top when I insert the whole resivoir and piston it
>sometimes gets spun closer to the top when I try to insert it in the pumpand
>line it up to drop in the hole. So I always make sure it is a least 1/2 a
>from the top. Next time you have the piston out, spin it all the way to the
>top as far as you can and you will see how it will bind the top piece so it
>wull not spin.
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