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Re: [IP] HI Everyone

> HI!  My name is Lara and I was diagnosed on November 9 of this year.
>  I am 23 years old.  I had the AWESOME experience of working at a
> camp for girls with diabetes this past summer and was diagnosed
> three months later.  Weird huh?? I am actively looking into getting
> a pump.  I just have a few questions:
> 1. I am only taking about 25
> units of insulin a day is that enough to be on a pump?
You are probably still in the 'honeymoon' phase, however, many adults 
use about 30 units a day, my kid uses 80. The amount of insulin you 
use is not part of the criteria.

> 2. Has anyone else started on a pump this soon after being diagnosed?
Short answer: YES

> 3. Which pump does everyone feel is better?
Both pumps have their advocates. Both are fine pieces of equipment 
and will fulfill the purpose for which they were designed. Which to 
choose is a matter of personal preference.
It is one of those questions where the owner of 'their brand' will 
give you lots of good reasons to choose that one. Check the available 
service and support in your area, the features you like on each pump 
and then flip a coin if you must. You will certainly be satisfied 
with whichever you choose.

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