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[IP] Hi to old friends (this is long so del)

Dear Pumpers & Friends,
    Well  this year has been some crazy ride for me, I start year with a talk with my boss telling me I may lose my job because the company is going down. Most of Jan. we lost four big jobs and it looks bad. I think what am I going to do? Been at this job for 17yrs.and all the times I think about moving I stop because of Insurance problems. In Feb. my boss leaves, the next day we get back the four  big jobs we had lost,  things are looking good. Old boss calls me tell me that I will get his job if I want it. That night I go out with friend Sherman, I had a  BS of 147 at  630pm, we drive to store to get something's for computer, as I ride back to his house I have a seizure, BS is below 20ml at 745pm. This is the first time Sherman has see anyone go out so fast one minute ok then the next not. He stay with me alnight  he check my BS every hour , he is the Dir. for Diabetes Kids Camp, Sherman takes me to hospital in the AM to see Doc. Gallagher. I'm place in the hospital for four  days trying to reset basal. I get back to work, I told I'm to sick to do bosses job. I'm mad about it, but know that I am sick too. I have another seizure, over the next three weeks I have five more seizures, I'm  going to die soon if we can't stop the seizures. The pain in my gut is very bad, I can't sleep or eat or do anything on April 17, I'm put in the hospital, where IV is started to give me drugs and TPN, later port is place in chest. Over the next five month I'm in/out of hospital with problems from infections. I'm not getting the right  things from the TPN, I lost 60lbs. arms go from a 18'' down to 12.5''. I'm told that I can't  go back to work, this is very  hard to take, but as I think about it I know that the Doctors are right. So as of April !7, 98 I no longer work. It was a lot of work but I did get started on Social Security Disability. FYI :Type 1 diabetes mellitus 5/20/77 started on external pump on 10/8/79 to help with control problem cause by Gastrointestinal autonomic neuropathy(Severe gastroparesis and bowel dysmotility)  I also have problems with diabetic peripheral neuropathy(pain it is so fun at times, I just tell myself I'm alive for I have pain to remind me), diabetic retinopathy(this is my biggest fear for I have only one eye that works anymore lost left one at 9 months old), diabetic nephropathy(working on this with drugs). But the thing that is going to kill me is the frequent and severe hypoglycemia that causes me to have seizures (not because my basals are wrong or that I don't check  blood sugar because I do Ave.15/18 aday, make change to basal almost daily) it is the erratic unpredictable absorption of food & drinks ( the joy of having a reaction during a meal). Over the years I have tried every drug, had a gastrotomy, IV erythromycin for years, eat all kinds of meals, timing of meals, and the joy of peripheral alimentation.
    So you ask what have I learned, first God has a plan for me(must be one for I have been through to many things and lived), make friends for they are your other family(tell them how much you love them, give them a hug everyday),Get great Doctors and a good team too(Yes, I know I'm hard on the Medical people but that only because I do have good ones who work with me, so if a fool or untaught one comes along I need to remember to teach them.I do know something's about me and my body. And I will fight anyone who forget that it is me not Diabetes that need help). Do not be so proud you will not ask for help, from God, family , friends, or doctors.. I'm sorry this is so long remembering I have not written in a bit. It is my wish and pray that everyone has a great joyful holiday season. To my Pumper Ink friends I think we did a good thing , I bow to Glenn Y. I hope you are well and feeling better my friend.  To all the new members, ask anything but remember YMMV but please ask!!! To all the medical people in the group thank you for being part of us, helping us learn and learning from us. To Barbara B I'm sorry I was so hard on you,  if I ever need a new CDE you will be my first one I ask. It is my hope to meet as many as I can. I start this year I had the great joy to meet Karla L.,Rose L and her son Ravi. So I hope in my travels we all can have a face to face meet sometime with others members of IP. Thanks to Michael R.  and his IPd staff great job!! I will be gone for a few weeks I'm off to CA to see a football game in the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 30. And to see some friends out  there anyone like to meet for a D. Soda and a talk drop me a note at email @ redacted I'm planing on driving from one end of the state to the other and make stops on the way. So remember to.................................
                                     SMILE AND BE HAPPY, 
ps:Roz, Ruth, Buddy, Sara, Michael, Glenn, Deb, Fran, and I know I have forgot someone thanks for being a friend.