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[IP] pumping in Africa!!

Hello everyone & happy holidays to all!  I've returned from my recent
southern Africa vacation... an experience of a lifetime!  And I have to tell
you that I have become an even LOUDER fan of pumping than *ever* before(!),
as both a health professional and a person living with diabetes.  WHAT JOY
to travel with the freedom of a pumper's perspective!  The time change/basal
rate adjustment (7 hrs difference) was much easier that I anticipated - I
had no problems whatsoever with either highs or lows, no difficulties with
site issues, no problems with climate/temperature adjustments, no problems
with airport security.  I was also amazed at how well I was able to
"guestimate" the carb content of some *very* different foods!  I truly
enjoyed *ALL* the delicacies of travel!  Even was able to rock climb in the
"Valley of a Thousand Hills" in South Africa - all with a NORMAL blood
sugar!  Life was so easy & SO spontaneous(!), thanks to my pump.  I FEEL
GREAT!!  Everyone with diabetes should have the opportunity to feel this
	My diabetic friend in South Africa (with whom we stayed) was so impressed
with the "normalcy" which pumping affords a person with diabetes, that he
hopes to soon become one of the pioneer pumpers in South Africa!  Michael,
are you working on that world map option??  *grin*   By the way pumpers,
they even have Oreos in South Africa! :)

Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
MM507 since 11/97

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/