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Re: [IP] Eye Changes

Ellen Johnson wrote:
>Speaking of visual changes with high bs, does anyone else see funny lights
>when they're low?  Ever since I had one eye lasered, I see a ring of light
>when low; sometimes it's my first clue.

One of my most absolute symptoms of a hypo (the one where I think,  "yes,
this is REALLY a hypo, not just a funny feeling...") is little flashing
lights swirling through my vision.  It happened once at the grocery store
and I beelined over to the area where they were giving free samples and
started chowing down.  My pharmacy is also located in the same store and I
remember thinking that the pharmacist would vouch for me if I grabbed a
bottle of gatorade off the shelf and started guzzling it in the middle of
the aisle.

Mary Jean

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