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On 17 Dec 98 at 22:40, Michael Maturen wrote:

> I recently read that the FAA just banned pilots from using it at least
> two hours before a flight...again, this is unsubstantiated...if anyone
> can verify or deny this, it would be helpful.

Part of the misinformation and fearmongering.  This keeps popping up about 
every three or four months and has been appearing for the past several years.  
The last time I flew both the pilot and co-pilot were drinking Diet Coke...

> Let's have reasoned discussion here, not flame wars.

Reasoned discussion requires real data, not unsubstantiated claims and wild 
stories from fringe groups....  The problem is that some of these groups have 
the stance "don't confuse me with facts..." because the facts don't meet their 

Randall P. Winchester
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