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Re: [IP] High, then Low

On 18 Dec 98 at 14:22, Aaron Michelson wrote:

> Michael,
> I intend no disrespect for I appreciate greatly the insulin-pumpers 
> organization. It has been for me a convenient and big source of 
> information. The MiniMed Pump trainer, Laura Beach R.N., is without 
> doubt providing me with her best opinion. It is reasonable to assume 
> that she has based her opinion in this matter on the best scientific 
> information available to her. 

Has she read and understood the information sheet in the Humalog box?  The 
documation from Lilly states that it may last longer than 2 hours.  There is 
also the impact of bolus size to consider - a small bolus (large surface/volume 
ratio) is absorbed quicker than a large bolus.  There is also a large variation 
in the onset and peak time of Humalog, according to the studies published by 
the manufacturer.  Some people experience very quick onset while others have an 
onset time that is close to that seen with Regular.  Peak times are similarly 
variable.  That's why you have to be careful when stating "it always works in 
t+2 hours" because many of us have had very different experiences.  It's 
a perfect case of YMWV... 

Randall P. Winchester
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