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Re: [IP] Thank You To Pumpers

On 17 Dec 98 at 18:07, Jack and Connie O'Brien wrote:

> I have been on other lists, but this one is the best ever.  I have learned so
> much. My doc wanted me to get an appointment with an endo to learn about a
> pump. Endo is out of town.  Appointments booked far in advance.  Must take a
> day off work. In 15 minutes what could he possibly tell me that would beat the
> daily great information I get from this group.  Thank you, Pumpers.  Merry
> Christmas.

There's a lot of things about pump therapy that need to be customized to the 
individual.  Some of it is based on review of records, lifestyle and other 
factors so it helps to talk to an endo, CDE or pump trainer to be able to plan 
a starting point.  The startup includes a plan for basal rates, meal ratios, 
CHO counting, strategies to deal with highs and lows, and plans on how to 
adjust basal rates and meal ratios.  Someone with startup experience can help 
get all that nailed down.  When I started up I had a notebook with doctor's 
orders including references to the book Pumping Insulin and notes on how and 
when to adjust rates and ratios, pump instructions, site change instructions, 
contact numbers for doctor, CDE and pump trainer, and logsheets - I carried 
that thing around with me for almost four weeks until we got things stabilized. 

A good plan helps make the transition easy and improves the chances of 
success...  and getting an enthusiastic doctor on board also helps whip the 
insurance people into line...

Randall P. Winchester
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