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On 19 Dec 98 at 10:10, Dennis Cardone wrote:

> Melissa appears to still want to go on the pump but has a fear of the
> cannula hurting. Last Sat. AM she told me she had a surprise for me
> later that day. Later she handed me a hand made card, when I opened it,
> it said, "Daddy I have the cannula in, she then lifted her shirt. She
> wore it for one hour it didn't hurt she said, but she still has a
> thought that at some point it will hurt. How do any of you work this
> issue out with your children.
> Dennis
> PS. She also, Has a fear other kids will make fun of her.

I was sort of like Melissa - I asked the pump trainer to show me how to put one 
of the infusion sets in when we were meeting with the doctor so I could see how 
it would feel for a few days.  I wanted to know if it was uncomfortable before 
I made the final decision.  I kept mine in for three days and didn't have any 

As for the kids making fun of her because of her pump... I don't know about 
that.  I imagine they might be interested, curious and intrigued.  Kids today 
are different about technology - they accept it quicker and easier than adults. 
I'd bet if she told them it lets her feel better and eat what she wants they'll 
possibly accept it at that and go on.  Only a few might try to make fun of it, 
but they would probably be jelous of the attention the new gadget is getting 

The 4-year olds I work with at church all have been curious about my pump and 
my meter.  It doesn't seem to cause them any problems... but 4 year olds are 
an accepting bunch too...

Randall P. Winchester
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