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RE: [IP] Low without Warning

On 17 Dec 98 at 16:26, Karl Goetsch wrote:

> I agree with you totally.  Diabetes will never be exact, because with all
> treatment we are making our best educated GUESSES. Yes, guesses.  Granted
> those guesses we make are well thought out ones, but like you said, sometimes
> our bodies just do the unexpected.  I urge people to do the very best you can
> and work with your health care team, but DO NOT beat yourselves up - this is a
> tough disease to tackle each day. 

One thing to remember (uh oh, here's more "words of wisdom"...) is that 
diabetes management is done by trial and error - predominately by error.  That 
means that we try something, determine how well or how badly it worked and then 
use that information to try again.  The difficult thing is that what worked 
yesterday may not work as well today or it may work better tomorrow.  So we 
just make our best educated judgments (best guess!) and keep on going.  Record 
keeping is a valuable but annoying part of this because it helps us remember 
what worked and what didn't and possibly even the circumstances surrounding the 

Hope everyone has a very happy Christmas, or whatever your holiday of choice 
is.  A key theme of all the holiday seasons is to remember to try to be at 
peace with yourself and those around you -with the celebration of miracles 
associated with Hanukkah to the self discipline of the Ramadan fast, to the 
celebration of Christ's birth as Christmas.  All of these invite us to reflect 
on ourselves, our families and our world.  May each of us make the world a 
slightly better place by our presence in it.  We can work together during the 
coming year as "radical advocates" to improve the lot of people with diabetes, 
and we can combine that with compassion  and understanding as we seek peace in 
our world and try to help those around us...  my prayers for all of us include 
the following:
	Better bg control,
	fewer highs/lows,
	improvements in technology that will make our daily struggle easier
	lower cost on supplies
	opportunities to educate those around us and the wisdom to do it

but most of all, a cure...

Keep up the good work, keep encouraging each other, and let's continue to make 
this the most dynamic, supportive, informative and friendly community on the 

Randall P. Winchester
* The views expressed here are mine and do not necessarily *
* reflect the official position of anyone in particular.            *
* There's no guarantee on anything said here...
* If I say I understand something completely the only thing
* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
* misunderstood something. 
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