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Re: [IP] Disetronic Problems (occlusion without a clue)

sometime I get the occlusion alrm if I have the the spinning disk part on the
plunger (or piston if you like) too close to the top. Even though the top part
spins too, if the disk (that travels up and down the screw part of the piston)
is too close to the top when I insert the whole resivoir and piston it
sometimes gets spun closer to the top when I try to insert it in the pumpand
line it up to drop in the hole. So I always make sure it is a least 1/2 a trun
from the top. Next time you have the piston out, spin it all the way to the
top as far as you can and you will see how it will bind the top piece so it
wull not spin.

Good Luck,
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