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The sandwhiches may and the lasagne definately have fat.  Fat can mess up those carb counts, expecially if you are using humalog.  Spacing out your bolus can help.  (I still mess these up all the time! :-)

> I went to the J. Paul Getty museum with 20 friends and acquaintances. We had a picknick before getting in line for the tram. So I'm standing around like everybody else knowing I can wait until everyone arives. I select a sandwich, a small piece of lasagne, and a diet coke. I sit down and guestimate the carbo content, take the pager thing out of my pocket for a few moments and start eating. I felt more normal. Without the pump I could have had the same exact experience except for the shot. I would have, without the pump, guessed when the eating would start, find an appropriate time to walk to where no one is paying attention to me, do the novopen or syringe routine, come back and pretend that I did not have a medical requirement to begin eating at the time I had guessed. And then I had better find the right amount of carbohydrates on my plate to compensate for my dosage guess. As it turned out I could have easily set my plate down, gone back to the drinks, faced away and run through
> the novapen routine. But I would not have done it that way because I would have wanted to guarantee myself a discreete moment. I would have had to make a plan to be deceptive and that starts my day on the wrong foot. I have my fasttake meter on my belt and I test twice during the afternoon at 110s and 130s, curiously going up for wich I had no explanation.So we get to the car and I'm driving and I say to myself, I don't need to test I was 130s an hour ago and the walking excersise put me on the rise not the fall as expected. Well the fall came later. I tested after the 1  hour drive at 55. The thought of having put my passengers at risk is unthinkable. I did miss the prefered freeway turnoff but I also got an OK to call Annie for a date.
> Aaron
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> "Natalie A. Sera" wrote:
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> > > PS. She also, Has a fear other kids will make fun of her.
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> > On the other hand, the other kids might think it's NEAT, like having a
> > pager!
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