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Re: [IP] strange bg's

The farther you drop and the faster you drop, the more severe your
symptoms.  You can have hypo symptoms at 200 (if you are coming down fast
from 500 or above) and conversely bgs in the 20s with little or no
symptoms.  The tighter your control and the closer you stay to that
wonderful 75-95 range, the less you will feel lo bgs although if you are
very very good at staying above 75 and below 95 you will find that if on
ocassion you hit the low low range (like below 50 or 40) you will definately
feel it.  I've done all of these for good periods of time.  I've also heard
these trends from the doctor too.

Julie Britt wrote:

> Twice this past week I have awakened in the morning with severe low bg
> symptoms, only to test and find out that I was really in the 120 range.
> I know this is because I have been high for a long time and my body is
> used to being high, so it interprets norman bg's as a low.  The strange
> thing is, today at lunchtime I tested, not because I felt low, but to
> decide how much insulin to take.  I was 63.  I thought perhaps it was a
> mistake, and tested again.  It read 70.  Still feeling not even slight
> hunger, I decided to test on my brother's machine(we both have our own
> acuchek advantage).  It showed 82.  Five minutes later, I tested again
> on my machine, and it read 64.
> I have 2 questions-
> Why was I not feeling symptoms of a low at 70-ish when I usually feel
> them at 120 or higher?  Also, I later tested at the same time on both
> machines.  One read 78, the other read 97.  I know this is not a huge
> difference, but I was wondering what could cause this and if anyone else
> has encountered a difference in machine readings.
> Julie
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