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[IP] newbie question

I was started on Humalog from the beginning (anyone need some old N? 
:-)  I'd never heard about the saline run until I'd been on this list
for a few days.  Starting directly on Humalog, at home, required lots of
attention to how I was feeling and what the old bg was.  There was still
N floating around in there for a couple of days (even if they say it's
gone in less time than that) so that was a factor.  With me and my
partner (closer to a real angel, I think) watching closely, I had one
small-ish low the next morning and none since (started June 5 this

I guess it depends whether you are able to devote lots of attention to
how things are and keeping them straight.  I was off work for two days
straight, something that didn't happen at that time, and at home and all
(most) of my attention was on the pump.

I think that if you have the determination to try the pump and make it
work, start with the real stuff.  The best way to get started is to just
begin and go (in my humble opinion). 

After being a bit hesitant I am now sold on the thing!

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