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Re: [IP] oh oh...

ellen wrote:
> ok gang... got a question for you... has anyone dealt with a frozen canula
> line from the pump to where it connects to you??? it's -15 here without the
> wind, and going to be even colder tomorrow... 

Can't ay I have.

had to sit and contemplate my tubing 

beats contemplating your navel, especially in THOSE conditions  <G>

while my truck
> warmed up when I got a no delivery alarm... seems that a small part of the
> tubing was not covered by my coat and it froze!!!!! outside of keeping my
> lines to myself, is the tubing ok after freezing??? 

I guess the main thing to look for would be separation of the tubing and 
liner, which looks somewhat like a bubble, but silvery and it dooesn't move.

know that things expand
> when frozen and don't see any bluges... didn't change the line just thawed
> it out... remember, I'm running distilled water training wheels right now,
> so can't tell by bg if the tubing is ok...

Actually distilled water is easier to freeze than insulin of most other
fluids. I really doubt that the amount of fluid in the line is enough
to force it to change shape, the passage is very small compared to the 
plastic wall thickness.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/