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[IP] Protecting Kids in school

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The Advocate November issue - Thought this might help some parents. 

If you have a child with diabetes, you may want to consider moving to New
Jersey. No kidding. 

<Picture: S-cool.GIF (44077 bytes)>Thanks to ADA staff and volunteers, New
Jersey is close to enacting A1748. If enacted, as is expected, a Task Force
would be formed and charged with creating a policy for handling diabetes in
all public and non-public schools in the state. 

"We are very pleased to see this move forward," said Ed Herban, Chair of
ADA's Government Relations Committee in New Jersey. "We have some schools
doing an exemplary job. On the other hand," he said, "far too many parents
call us with horror stories." 

Dr. Irene Sills, a pediatric endocrinologist in Morristown, confirms this.
She sees families every day who have problems at school because there are no
standards. "Children spend the majority of their waking hours in school,"
Sills said. "How can we care for their diabetes without the schools'

<Picture: Skool Bro.GIF (36662 bytes)>Teachers and administrators recognize
the need to deal with this problem. Both the New Jersey School Board
Association and the New Jersey Department of Education joined forces with
ADA in support of A1748. The US Department of Education also reviewed the
bill and considers it an excellent model for other states to follow. 

In early October, the bill had cleared a key hurdle and was unanimously
approved by state Assembly's Education. Committee. It had been unanimously
approved by the Senate earlier in the year and was expected to be enacted
into law before the end of the year. 

In addition to fighting for a cure, ADA has led the fight to protect
children with diabetes. If your child has experienced discrimination at
school, don't put up with it. Fight back. For a free copy of our brochure,
"Your School and Your Rights," please call 1-800-DIABETES
Christene Ullom
If you think you're too small to be effective,
you've never been in bed with a mosquito. 
- Raymond Sharp 
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