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Re: [IP] strange bg's


Julie Britt wrote:

> Why was I not feeling symptoms of a low at 70-ish when I usually feel
> them at 120 or higher?

That IMHO is one of those million dollar questions.  Sometimes I will have
symptoms at 120 and not at 60, or just no symptoms.  I've been told that
since I have had diabetes for so long ( 35 years ), that it's not surprising
that I go without symptoms.  Also, it depends on how fast the insulin is
hitting your systems, based on exercise, stress, site, and many more
variables.  It could be that you are adjusting.  Possibly someone will have
a more scientific explanation, but it has been my experience that there are
not always good explanations as to why are BS is doing what it's doing.

> machines.  One read 78, the other read 97.  I know this is not a huge
> difference, but I was wondering what could cause this and if anyone else
> has encountered a difference in machine readings.

Again, IMHO I would try to get another meter and test against that.  Also
having blood drawn at the lab, can do comparisons to their equipment.  19
points is not significant, but I also wouldn't let it go.


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