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[IP] strange bg's

Twice this past week I have awakened in the morning with severe low bg 
symptoms, only to test and find out that I was really in the 120 range.  
I know this is because I have been high for a long time and my body is 
used to being high, so it interprets norman bg's as a low.  The strange 
thing is, today at lunchtime I tested, not because I felt low, but to 
decide how much insulin to take.  I was 63.  I thought perhaps it was a 
mistake, and tested again.  It read 70.  Still feeling not even slight 
hunger, I decided to test on my brother's machine(we both have our own 
acuchek advantage).  It showed 82.  Five minutes later, I tested again 
on my machine, and it read 64.  
I have 2 questions-
Why was I not feeling symptoms of a low at 70-ish when I usually feel 
them at 120 or higher?  Also, I later tested at the same time on both 
machines.  One read 78, the other read 97.  I know this is not a huge 
difference, but I was wondering what could cause this and if anyone else 
has encountered a difference in machine readings.  


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