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Re: [IP] Wine Tastings


Your comments are excellent regarding diabetes and drinking. I also do 
on occasion have a glass of wine at parties or at dinner (preferably 
red, supposed to be better for your heart!). I stick with the dry wines 
(like cabernet or burgundy)as many wines (as well as beers) contain lots 
of sugar and carbohydrates. The combination of noshing while drinking 
even small quantities of moderate-to-sweet wine or high carb beer can do 
detriment on the old BS! I have found for myself that moderate intake 
(1-2 drinks MAX) of dry wine/lite beer causes very little effect on my 
BS. But as you stated, everyone reacts differently to alcohol so one 
needs to approach drinking carefully. Actually the cheese at wine/cheese 
parties has caused me more problems because of the high fat content! 
Also, it is especially important to test frequently (more frequently 
that normal) when drinking. The combination of alcohol intake and low BS 
is a very bad one; alcohol alone with even a normal BS tends to impair 
one's judgement! One more point: I would NEVER drink alone without my 
wife or friends around nearby in case problems occur. Hope this helps! 

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