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[IP] Re: questions form a nervous newbie

     This didn't used to be true, but it may be now.  For instance, Iowa 
     used to require prescriptions for insulin, but not for syringes.  
     Illinois required prescriptions for syringes, but not insulin (as in  
     most states).  Since we lived on the border, it wasn't a big deal if 
     my prescriptions ran out for either.
     I believe that state pharmacy boards have a large say in this matter, 
     unless the FDA indications for that item require a prescription (i.e., 
     Any pharmacists (or Iowans, for that matter) out there with more 
     precise info?
     -David W.
     >> I'm wondering if I should call the
     >> nurse for a prescriotion of Regular?  My doc is out of town and I
     >Regular and Velosulin can be purchased over the counter 'by law'.
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