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[IP] Wine Tastings

Hi Everyone,
Being holiday time, there seems to be parties several times a 
week.  Recently I have had a couple of wine and cheese parties.  I 
have been fairly sucessful at getting through them and thought I 
would share a few tricks for review.

I know that eveyone handles alcohol differently.  I do have any 
problems with about 3 good glasses an evening.  My best trick is 
lots of water!  I try and start out with a few glasses before the 
evening to get a little something in my stomach.  I usually take 
about 1 unit and eat a little cheese and crackers.  Then I often fill 
my wine glasses only half full.  When I have had my limit of wine 
for the evening, I make sure I start drinking water out of my wine 
glass.  I may even switch back and forth through the evening if the 
wine is getting to me.  My problem is that I always need to have 
someting in my glass, and I would be in trouble if it were always 
wine.  I generaly test before I leave and a few hours laters just to 
make sure.  I general do not use any basal with most wine and 
cheese alone is not much if any.  So far I have not needed any 
corrections and have had readings of around 100 each morning.

One thing to make sure of is that your basal is set correctly.  I 
would OK in the morning if I ate little or nothing for dinner.  This 
makes it easier to nail your bolus amounts consistently.

Hope this helps someone,

Michael O'Hara
Galehouse Construction
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/