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Subject: [IP] Diabetics and Glasses


I have been wearing glasses for over 35 yrs (nearsighted) and have had 
IDDM for 23 yrs (11 years on the pump). For myself very high blood 
sugars (above 250) for extended periods of time have caused my eyesight 
to become blury. Since going on the pump, my blood sugars have not been 
that high for extended periods of time very much. I have had a number 
excellent optomologists over the years (and several corporate 
relocations!). Every one of them has always told me that if my BSs were 
high/unstable/etc. I should re-schedule my eye exam for another (future) 
date where my BSs were stable.  I always make sure that before going for 
my eye exams that my BS have been stable(not high) the day of the exam 
and for a couple of days before the exam. I can remember situations a 
long while back where I have had to reschedule my eye exam due to high 
BSs. My eye doctors have been very accomodating and understanding and 
have usually rescheduled the visit in a timely fashion. My 
nearsightedness have become pretty stable the last 5-6 years, with 
minimal prescription changes. Fortunately I have not have any diabetic 
eye complications and hopefully never will (I'm pretty strict about my 
control). Regards...Steve

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