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Re: [IP] Diabetics and Glasses

Lisa this is always a concern when I see diabetics.  Sometimes I have
diagnosed diabetes from this type of response.  What I recommend is that the
diabetes be as stable as it can be when the glasses prescription is
prescribed, with a cycloplegic refraction (i.e. with dilating drops).
Sometimes you may need to take a few readings at different times of the day,
and not necessarily the same day, also noteing what the blood glucose is at
that time.  In some individuals the prescription can vary quite a bit
depending on the blood sugar.
Without a cycloplegic refraction in an individual under 40 years age the
individual can be overcorrected very easily under normal circumstances (not
being a diabetic).
Good luck.
Yale (M.D.-Ophthalmologist).
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/