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Re: [IP] UpDate

can also use just a plain ice cube for a few min. and have used a cold can
of diet coke just the other day to numb up a spot to change a site with
sillowettes... ice is my preference, but the pop worked in a pinch when my
site needed to be changed for a no delivery alarm and I wasn't home... just
remember to use good techniques after chilling... *S* not a fan of the pain
thing either... 

Ellen B-C

still on sterile water training wheels with my new buddy my pump... *S*

At 06:25 PM 12/20/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> Hi Dennis,
>> We also used the EMLA cream until about the last few weeks and
>> recently she has stared inserting it without using the cream.  She
>> says it doesnt hurt anymore without it than it did with it.   
>Don't forget the Ice Cube trick, it is almost as good as EMLA cream 
>and much faster. Put a couple of ice cubes in a baggie and hold in on 
>the insertion spot for about 3 minutes or so and it will very quickly 
>dull the sensation at the insertion site, allowing much easier 
>insertion of the set.
>>  I have noticed one down side to pumping and that
>> now if she has to take a shot for whatever reason she doesn't handle
>> them nearly as well as before.  
>That too will change with time. As she get older, she will realize 
>that it will sometimes be necessary to take a shot. Lily is pretty 
>good about it now, but was not very happy about it a year or two ago. 
>She now does ONLY tummy shots, she says they hurt less than an arm or 
>leg and she puts an ice cube on there as well first. 
>What ever it takes, is OK with me.
>Michael <email @ redacted>
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