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Re: [IP] Coronary Cmplication Question

At 02:12 PM 12/20/1998  Frank W. Tegethoff, jr. wrote:
>Hi All,
>This request is barely on topic so please forgive me.  Here is what I need 
>to know:  Do any of you know of good sites to get more info explaining; 
>By-pass surgery, definitons of the severity of blockages, arterial 
>obstruction within the chambers ?  Why: my younger sister (type 1, kidney 
>transplant recipient, smoker, not in the best control for over 28 years) is 
>going to have to have surgery in early January, and I need to get up to 
>speed really fast before I get home for the holiday.  Since I am the oldest 
>and a diabetic as well I am going to have to be 'the informed voice' in the 
>family discussion.
>Thanking you all in advance.~Frank

I don't know any technical answers, but I went through quintuple by-pass
surgery in January 1995. Obviously things went OK and I'm still kicking. It
all happened so fast that I had little preparation time... went in on a
Sunday with chest pain (mild heart-attack) and had an angiogram that
evening... I watched the monitor with all the blockages, as the doctor
pointed them all out. They performed surgery the next morning. 

I'm a non-smoker, but was over-weight and on MDI at the time. My doctor and
his group were involved in the surgery and the recovery. They made sure
that the surgical team knew what extra precautions were needed as far as BG
monitoring and IV's. 

If there are any questions about what to expect, please feel free to write
me, either here or privately.


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