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Re: [IP] Diabetics and Glasses

Yes, I find vision varies greatly with blood sugar too.  I am very
nearsighted, though, and no glasses is not really a viable option (though I
tried it for a while when young before I really understood what was going on).
While the reduced far vision from high blood sugars could be a problem for
driving, it is actually the focussing problems from changes in blood sugars
that give me more trouble there.  As for the near distance problems when low
(and this is often my only symptom of a low), I do keep alternative glasses on
hand at home.   And with age I have found that I can sometimes hold something
up close without glasses in those circumstances.

It is good that you are aware of this problem -- when I was a child no one
seemed to have any idea about it.  Even if you can't help the situation
(normalized blood sugar is the only way I know), perhaps you can help how he
feels about it.

Linda Zottoli
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/