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Re: [IP] Diabetics and Glasses

>I have a question for any of you diabetics that wear glasses.  How can
>your prescription possibly be right?  Whenever Spencer's blood sugars
>are high he can't see far away and when he is low he can't see up close
>(or maybe its the other way around).  So what good is a pair of 
>Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

I have glasses, but they are a very light prescription.  I am slightly 
nearsighted.  When my bg's are high my sight is blurry, but I hardly 
ever have problems seeing up close.  I only wear my glasses to see when 
I drive at night, at the movies, plays, and large classes at the 
university so that I can take notes from overheads and chalkboards.  
Your son probably isn't low very often or for long periods of time, so 
glasses to correct sight problems that occur then should not be 
necessary.  You could always get him a pair that makes slight 
corrections and he can wear them whenever he fels the need.  I hope this 
makes some sense to you.


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