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Re: [IP] UpDate 2

We do use the Elma cream which doesn't hurt. She is concern the cannula
may hurt later or if she moves the wrong way.
I'll be printing out the messages for Melissa to read in the AM.

We will be using the Disetronic "blue" when the time comes.
We had her think it looks like something Luke Skywaker would use in Star
I was able to get $1,000 of the Disetronic price, because of poor
insurance I think. Also, the rep. new I was wearing the MiniMed pump
with Saline solution. I think both pumps are great, but two pumps for
the price of one plus a $1,000 off sounds good to me.

Thanks for the reply's, if anymore kids can write with there experiences
send them along for Melissa to read.

If you like to put a face to Melissa she is on my Diabetes Site under
Waiting for a Cure Section.

Its three AM she is 400, I'm surer she rebound, so I gave her some more
Lispro and will check her later. You all have had many sleepless nights
like this!

Dennis Cardone

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> My daughter, Laura, has been on a Disetronic Pump for a little over 2 months.
> Whenever she is asked about how do you like your pump she grins, does a
> "thumbs up" and enthusiastically says "I LOVE IT,  now I am just like  the
> other kids."   When I ask her would you ever like to go back on shots she says
> "NOOOOOOO WAY.  I love my pump."
> She have never had anyone make fun of her infusion set (she is in 3rd grade)
> but then again no one really sees it.  The kids see her pump (also a lot of
> the tubing because she is not very careful about keeping it tucked in).  The
> kids think her BLUE pump is really cool looking and most wish they had one.
> Laura's group of friends are really too young to understand about pagers
> really but they do seem to think whatever it is - it seems to be a pretty neat
> thing to have.  But mostly they just don't seem to notice.
> We also used the EMLA cream until about the last few weeks and recently she
> has stared inserting it without using the cream.  She says it doesnt hurt
> anymore without it than it did with it.
>  This might be something that might be of interest to your daughter as you
> mentioned that she was fearful that the set might start hurting.  For Laura
> she seems to think that after the first few hours the new Tender set begins to
> feel better than it does at first.  Because of this, we try to give her a new
> set right before bed and then she drifts on off and doesnt seem to notice it
> being uncomfortable at all.
>  She also says when she gets a bolus of 3 units or less that she cannot feel
> the insulin going in but if she gives 4 or 5 units she can feel it and if she
> gives 6 (or more which we have not done yet) she says it stings a little.
> >From what I have read on here, this is because of the speed at which the
> insulin goes in the body.
> On the Tenders we were having problems with some clogging until someone
> mentioned to try just barely inserting inserting the Tender under the skin.
> We only go in at an angle of about 10 or 15 percent as Laura is very thin and
> her layer of body fat is almost nothing.
> We also had a problem with the infusion set adhesive coming loose within a day
> or two and it was mentioned to us that part of the problem "might" be the EMLA
> cream leaching back out of the skin and causing problems with the adhesive.
> Even though we thoroughly cleaned the area with soap, water and alcohol we
> still had an adhesive problem until we quit using the EMLA cream.  Since she
> said it didn't hurt much anyway it was more trouble than it was worth to
> remember to put on the cream 2 hours ahead of time.  Now they are able to
> change a set with less complications.
> I am REALLY impressed that your daughter put one in.  If she able to do that
> already then you have half the battle won.  I can say it was a nightmare for
> about the first 2 to 3 weeks of pumping but that was just a problem with not
> having the basals set right.  Once we straigtened that out it has been
> smooooth sailing for us.
> I also don't know if anyone in your family sews or not but my mom has been
> quite inventive in coming up with little belts, vests, pockets, etc for
> Laura's pump.  If you are ever interested just email us and I will be glad to
> share any ideas we have found that works with children.
> I am hoping so much for you that this works out for you.  I noticed that Kasey
> had told her daughter that originally they told their daughter that she was
> just trying this out to see if she liked it.  We also told Laura this but she
> was already convinced that this was something she wanted.  I think the child
> was just sick of shots and has so welcomed the ease with which we now manage
> her diabetes.
> Oh so far Laura has never chosen to disconnect from the pump except for Jazz
> and Karate and then she pretty quickly reconnects as soon as class is over.  I
> have noticed one down side to pumping and that now if she has to take a shot
> for whatever reason she doesn't handle them nearly as well as before.  I think
> we are all so spoiled by the pump we can hardly fathom doing anything else.
> Best of luck and let us know how it goes....
> Sherri Lynn
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