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Re: [IP] questions form a nervous newbie

Hi Julie:

I have been using Humalog in my pump for over 1 year.  It works real
well.  I can bolus AS I'M EATING,  rather than 1/2 hour before a meal.  
Being a woman on a pump takes a little more "experimenting" as to how you
wear your pump.  When I go out in the evening and wear a dress or a
skirt, I simply wear a pair of panty hose that has a lot of "spandex" in
it and take off the belt clip and slide the pump down inside the panty
hose until it is on the front of my thigh.   If your panty hose are
really stretched out, it won't work as well.  Your pump will tend to
slide down.   I've never had a problem with doing it this way.  Just make
sure they are the "support" type of panty hose so they have extra
"spandex" or elastic in them.   

As far as the tubing, I use the 23" tubing.  You can buy something that
you wear on your thigh during the night, or you can sew in a pocket in
your nightgown.  If you sleep "au natural" as I do, it just kind of 
follows you around as you sleep.  The only trouble with that, is that
sometimes you roll over on it and it wakes you up.  

If I wear a blazer with pants or skirt, I just attach it to my belt area,
but leave off the leather case (this adds more bulk).  No one ever
notices it there....just push it way over on your side.  

As far as starting directly on insulin rather than saline, I started with
saline.  It helped
to get the "feel" for your pump.  It got me used to the idea of having
something attached to me, without having to worry about insulin yet.  

Good luck getting started!   I hope this info helps!


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