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Re: [IP] UpDate

> Melissa appears to still want to go on the pump but has a fear of the
> cannula hurting. 


My daughter, Kayla, was 5 when she began pumping.  Her main fear was
that it would hurt.  So we made a deal.  We would use EMLA cream and we
would try the pump for 6 weeks.  At the end of six weeks, if she decided
she didn't want it, we would respect her decision and put the pump
away.  The first few infusion set changes were full of tears and fears,
but when she finally determined that the EMLA cream worked every time
and she didn't feel the canula going in, she relaxed.  After 6 weeks,
she said she would not go back to shots.  But, she wanted to be assured
that she could change her mind at any time and we would be okay with
that.  We agreed to let her be the one to decide the pump vs. MDI
treatment.  Occassionally we have gone back to shots for a day or so
when she just gets fed up with the pump, but after a few hours of MDI,
she realizes that the freedom of the pump is lost and she quickly
decides to hook the pump back up.

We continue to let Kayla decide the pump issue.  Overwhelmingly she is
very positive about pumping.  But she is still just 5, and sometimes she
just wants to change her mind.  We respect that and let her go back to
shots.  Then we are also agreeable when she hooks back up to the pump. 
While it sounds like a yo-yo, she's really only gone back to shots 3
times and for less than a full day.  I think she just likes testing her
control over her disease.  It's the only way she can control it.

Give your daughter the reassurance she is looking for and let her take
the lead.  Keep showing your love and support and she'll make the right
decision for her.

Kayla's mom
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