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Re: [IP] [ip]questions

Neal & Kara wrote:
> One more question - If you disconnect, but don't "stop," should you put that
> cover on the  end of the dangling infusion tube?

I don't leave it dangling, I always hang it higher than the pump while 
disconnected. The level drops slightly in the hose when I put it up there
but returns when I bring it back level with the pump before connecting it up
again. That makes it a bit neater than having it drain out while 
disconnected, it's a lot easier to aim it when I have it in my hand after 
leaving the shower or whatever.

  If you put the cover on
> the dangling infusion set and the pump is still running, won't the insulin
> "back up,"  and won't you get an occlusion alarm?

No, because there is nothing to hold the insulin in the cover. It's just an 
open hole that the insulin can collect in.
> Are all these questions just incredibly annoying?

Of course not, they are real questions based on real concerns, and they're what
I tend to come here to help answer.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/