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Re: [IP] High, then Low

One thought to add to this time humalog works for debate:

The time frame in which any insulin you pump works partly depends on the
insulin.  It also partly depends on tissue absorption.  I've been pumping
now for 17 years and I've found that for long periods of time, absorption
times for sites (from the same bottle of insulin) vary tremendously.  Then
I go through a period with little or no variation.  At that point, I
decide I was wrong or that I must just get slow sites from old scars and
things and so it goes until the next time around (this has been going on
now for about 12 years!).  It is not only that some sites absorb more
slowly from hypertrophy etc, it is clear that some absorb more quickly
(possibly closer to blood vessels?). It is also clear that there are often
long trends.  But if I look back at the trends, they do not all reconfirm
the same time frame.   I remember that years ago, this was true of regular
shots too -- the nurses at the hospital would tell you that.  Maybe there
is no one single variable about how long humalog works for and, in
addition, maybe the longer you pump the more variability you will see.

Just a thought.


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