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Synthesizing the responses to my earlier question about whether to "stop"
the pump when disconnecting with a tender:

1) Pro-stop - you don't miss the basil drip that may be pumped while

2)    Con- stop - Stopping saves the batteries because the alarm uses energy
(although you can stop the stop alarm if you want to but are not supposed to
do this unless the pump is stopped > 2 hours); some people think H
crystallizes in the tube when the pump is stopped; loss of the basil pumped
for a few minutes while disconnected is no big deal.

Did I miss anything?

One more question - If you disconnect, but don't "stop," should you put that
cover on the  end of the dangling infusion tube?  If you put the cover on
the dangling infusion set and the pump is still running, won't the insulin
"back up,"  and won't you get an occlusion alarm?

Are all these questions just incredibly annoying?

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