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Re: [IP] crimping?

Nervous Neal wrote:

>I am looking at my pump, day 2, and the first centimeter of infusion tube
>right below the Luer-Lock is "clear" while the rest of the infusion tube
>looks like it is filled with insulin.  I disconnected, bolused 5 units, but
>the clear area remains.  It looks like a bubble but it doesn't move.  Then I


When you change your set, save the old tubing, then try this experiment.
Take the old tube and pull very hard in opposite directions - actually pull
the tubing apart (careful that you don't hurt your hands - the tubing is
real strong stuff). You'll notice that the tubing is actually "double". You
should notice a tube inside the tube as you pull it apart. As I understand
it, this is described as "double lumen tubing" - actually two pieces of
tubing (lumens) running inside each other. The discoloration you notice is
the spots where the two lumens separate. It looks a little disconcerting,
but there is no harm done. I notice this frequently in the area immediately
adjacent to the Luer lock as you do, and also at the other end, where the
tubing connects to the cannula base. These spots get more stress than the
other areas of tubing.

I find that holding the tubing up to a real good light source while I try
to bolus out any bubbles helps distinguish these "blemishes" from real bubbles.

This drove me nuts / nervous for a long time until I tried the "pull the
tubing apart" experiment - it satisfied my curiosity, made me a lot more
confident about the tubing and bubbles.


Bob Burnett

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