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Re: [IP] crimping?

Neal wrote:

>I am looking at my pump, day 2, and the first centimeter of infusion tube
>right below the Luer-Lock is "clear" while the rest of the infusion tube
>looks like it is filled with insulin.  I disconnected, bolused 5 units, but
>the clear area remains.  It looks like a bubble but it doesn't move. 

Nervous Neal

 Neal, don't be nervous :-) ... I'm willing to bet that what you are seeing
is actually a separation between the two layers of the insulin tubing.
These have been reported before by several pumpers (myself included) and
look just like an air bubble, except they won't budge.  If you rotate the
tubing a bit, does it kind of glisten?  The tubing is made of two layers,
and sometimes they separate.  It doesn't hurt a thing, but can be a bit

Whatcha think?  Does this explain what you are seeing?

Mary Jean

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