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Re: [IP] crimping?

I saw the same thing with my first infusion set, a non-moving bubble. I believe it is a partial bubble, a bubble with a river running through it.

>>> "Neal & Kara" <email @ redacted> 12/18 3:33 PM >>>
I am looking at my pump, day 2, and the first centimeter of infusion tube
right below the Luer-Lock is "clear" while the rest of the infusion tube
looks like it is filled with insulin.  I disconnected, bolused 5 units, but
the clear area remains.  It looks like a bubble but it doesn't move.  Then I
bolused 20 units and had it drip into the cap of a novolin pen Novolin 30
disposable needle (the one that measures 20 units) and it was perfect.
Obviously, then, the pump is pumping the right amount of units programmed,
but what the heck is this clear bubble-looking area?  I don't think it was
there when I first attached the infusion set.

Nervous Neal

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/