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Re: [IP] High, then Low

At 02:22 PM 12/18/1998  Aaron Michelson wrote:
>I intend no disrespect for I appreciate greatly the insulin-pumpers 
>organization. It has been for me a convenient and big source of 
>information. The MiniMed Pump trainer, Laura Beach R.N., is without 
>doubt providing me with her best opinion. It is reasonable to assume 
>that she has based her opinion in this matter on the best scientific 
>information available to her. In your anecdote, which I in no way wish 
>to disparage, there is no evidence that Humalog remains in the system 
>for 5-6 hours. From the evidence you have submitted it is possible 
>that your blood sugar level went to a low state by t+2 and went no 
>lower during the period t+2 to t+6. The fact that it did not rise has 
>many possible explanations which would only distract from the topic 
>being discussed.

There are two possible explanations that I can think of. First, each person
reacts to Humalog differently. While it might be true that some people have
used most of their bolus by t+2, in others it may not have peaked until t+3
(or even t+4). Also, even while it may peak at about 90 minutes to two
hours for many people, there is still a tail that continues for another
hour or two.

The other possibility is that the basal rate is wrong. If it is too high or
low, that could compound the problem. Obviously if the BGs were
consistently stable after t+2 or t+3 then this would not necessarily be a

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