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Re: [IP] Ocean Spray and Splenda

At 01:53 PM 12/18/1998  Mary Jean Renstrom wrote:
>Hi all,
>I was just at the grocery store and found  Ocean Spray "Lightstyle"
>cranberry juice --- sweetened with Splenda.  It tastes just like regular
>cranberry juice to me, without that awful saccharine taste of their
>"reduced calorie" variety.  I'm sipping a cup right now... (it's a must for
>Christmastime for me).  It has 10 grams of CHO per cup.

Just as a coincidence, I just got some RC cola that is also sweetened with
Splenda. Although it's been ages since I've had RC cola, it tasted OK to
me... no funny aftertaste that I could detect. 

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