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Re: [IP] High, then Low

I intend no disrespect for I appreciate greatly the insulin-pumpers 
organization. It has been for me a convenient and big source of 
information. The MiniMed Pump trainer, Laura Beach R.N., is without 
doubt providing me with her best opinion. It is reasonable to assume 
that she has based her opinion in this matter on the best scientific 
information available to her. In your anecdote, which I in no way wish 
to disparage, there is no evidence that Humalog remains in the system 
for 5-6 hours. From the evidence you have submitted it is possible 
that your blood sugar level went to a low state by t+2 and went no 
lower during the period t+2 to t+6. The fact that it did not rise has 
many possible explanations which would only distract from the topic 
being discussed.

>>> "Michael" <email @ redacted> 12/17 7:47 AM >>>
> Natalie,
> I just met with my MiniMed pump trainer and asked her just that. She
> insisted that with humalog the action is being curtailed at t+2
> hours. She insisted that one could at t+2 hours safely bolus for a
> hi without compensating for remaining insulin action. There may be
> some potency after t+2 hours so I suspect the validity of the pump
> trainer's statement depends on the assumption that the meal at time
> t contained some protein and fat.  Three days pumping, Aaron
The pump trainer is completely and unconditionally wrong. Both the 
documentation that comes with the insulin and experience with Humalog 
indicate that Humalog remains in the system for up to 5-6 hours. The 
fact that it peaks quickly and tapers off rapidly does not alter the 
fact that residual amounts are not absorbed quickly and that if you 
somehow take an overdose, the effects WILL remain with you for 5 or 
more hours, guess how I found out!!! You can expect a low brought on 
by Humalog to routinely stick with your for 3 hours easily and longer 

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/