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Re: [IP] questions form a nervous newbie

Julie Britt wrote:
> Does anyone here use Humalog insulin in their pump? 

Sure do, and have since it was first available. I DO add R to it in a 
5 yto 1 mix for the sake of long term stability, Humalog seemed to go
bad after 2.5 days all too often, now it doesn't. Many others don't
hav this problem, you'll have to try pumping and see what works for you 

 I've been using
> Humalog, but I'll be starting the pump this week and read that you're
> supposed to use regular.  I'm wondering if I should call the nurse for a
> prescriotion of Regular?  

No, you aren't REQUIRED to use R, it's just that it's been tested in pumps
so they can say it's FDA approved, but many people here consider it a
idea. Main reason to have a pump is to get the ability to correct immediately
for whatever happens, so Humalog is actually a much better fit than R. The
4 hour (or so) "tail" caused by R makes it HARDER to control with a pump.

> have waist bands and thigh bands that I thought might be good for when I
> don't have pockets or wear a dress or something?  But I'm not sure if
> they actually work.

Sure I don't know, I just wear mine on my belt. Never thought about wearing 
a dress.....

 Also, where in the world does all that tubing go?
> In your pocket? 

When wearing pants (1 of my normal things) the hose can just hang free inside 
the pants leg. If you want you amy be able to just wrap it around your waist, 
or get the shorter hoses (20 inches if I remember correctly).

I've heard that usualy people are put on the pump with
> saline for a short period, but has anyone gone directly to pumping with
> insulin?  


Is this safe?  

Since they put me in the hospital for several days training I guess so. 
Of course this was (precisely) 5 years ago and I was the first patient 
"trained" by my endo, seems nice of my insurance to pay for HIS training. <G>

The whole point of training with saline is to be sure you understand the
system so you won't be confused by it. Not necessary, IMHO, for many
people, but does make sense for people who aren't mechanically inclined 
or comfortable with technology such as this.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/