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Re: [IP] bolusing for protein in pizza

> Ok, I know I'm getting old, a maybe a bit crazy, but I'm sure I read
> here somewhere about counting the protein in pizza, not the carbs,
> and bolusing for protein over 4gms over a 4 hour period. I've read
> back and can't find it. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
> Amy's CDE and dietitian are very interested in this, since we used
> it and it worked like a charm. Thanks, Sue

There is a section in Pumping Insulin on converting excess protein to 
equivalent carbohydrate. The hugh amount of cheese in pizza seems to 
require this. The body does this through the digestion process, which 
slowed down by all the fat in pizza, takes several hours to 'begin' 
releasing the resulting glucose into the blood stream.

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