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Re: [IP] questions form a nervous newbie

> Does anyone here use Humalog insulin in their pump?  I've been using
> Humalog, but I'll be starting the pump this week and read that
> you're supposed to use regular. 

See the ABOUT page of the web site. 81% of reporting pumpers use 
Humalog in their pumps.

> I'm wondering if I should call the
> nurse for a prescriotion of Regular?  My doc is out of town and I

Regular and Velosulin can be purchased over the counter 'by law'.

> I've heard that usualy people are put on the pump
> with saline for a short period, but has anyone gone directly to
> pumping with insulin?  Is this safe?  I'd like to just skip the
> saline routine, but don't want to be irrational and impatient. 

Using Saline gives you the opportunity to practice all aspects of 
pumping and become familiar with the 'actual' procedures without the 
risk of doing something harmful, i.e. too much or too little insulin. 
Try it for a few days, it is a useful educational exercise.

BTW, if you are a person who keeps a diary, please record your 
thoughts and questions. It would be nice someday to have a 
'Newbie FAQ' for others to review who are just starting the pump.

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